Jan 082013

Most of us have a pretty close relationship with our name, even if our name was the most popular baby girl name in America for a million years around the time we were born. I have a thing for songs about Jennifers (like Cain – Jennifer, off Better Read Than Dead). I notice when I read about a Jennifer or a Jenny.* When I was a kid I pretended my name was really Guinevere, and that I was a princess, because being a princess is loads better than being a female donkey, okay?

Anyway, today I noticed Karl Marx’ wife was named Jenny von Westphalen.** How fucking cool is that? She’s the original jenphalian!

Also, all of his daughters were named Jenny. All of them. I’m not even making that up. It is on the wikipedias! There was Jenny Caroline (or Jennychen, how fucking sweet is that nickname?) who was an activist and died of bladder cancer a few years older than I am now. Jenny Laura went by Laura, was also an activist, and died in a suicide pact with her husband because he thought he was too old to keep contributing to the party and I guess that meant she was too (I’m probably an asshole for paraphrasing wikipedia like that). Jenny Eveline Frances died in infancy, which is sad. Jenny Julia Eleanor (her nickname, Tussy, is very similar to a dog I know, but she had it first) was an activist and sometime literary translator who also committed suicide, but she did it because her partner was unfaithful or accidentally married an actress.

So here’s a picture of Jenny. The daughter, not the mom. The eldest one, not the other ones, they all used non-Jenny names from what I can tell. Is that not an awesome dress? Look at the sleeves, they are the best shape! And the waistline! I bet she’s got some serviceable stays under that thing.

If I had a dress like that, I’d get the appropriate accessories, and do my hair properly, and spend at least a month cosplaying Jenny Marx, until everyone got sick of me and started telling me to go put on some damn jeans or else.


* No, you can’t call me Jenny. I hardly ever insist on all three syllables of Jennifer, but you can only shorten it to Jen, nothing else.

** Yes, it is possible that I’ve been told this before. I have a shitty memory. It is easy to surprise and delight me.

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  1. I’ve always thought Jenny Westphalan was pretty cool. I hadn’t known about the Jenny’s though. Hee.

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