Jen grew up in Minneapolis, lived in the Adirondacks for 8 years, and now resides in New Jersey with chaos and a cat. She is a secretary, holds no degrees, and gets excited about things that will end poorly.

“Jenphalian” is sort of a sideways reference to Candide. You might call her Rat if you’re in the SCA.

Questions, queries, quotas, queues, and quorums may be directed via comments here, or to jenphalian at twitter or gmail.


“What sort of a country is this,” said the one to the other, “that is unknown to all the world, and in which Nature has everywhere so different an appearance to what she has in ours? Possibly this is that part of the globe where everything is right, for there must certainly be some such place. And for all that Master Pangloss could say, I often perceived that things went very ill in Westphalia.”

-Voltaire, François Marie Arouet de. Candide, or The Optimist