Feb 162013

When: Saturday, February 23rd. I shall hold court from around 3 pm until whenever.
(I will almost certainly be tweeting, so you’ll know if I’m still there.)

Where: Merlins Rest Pub in South Minneapolis. 3601 E Lake.
(If that changes, I will update here and on twitter.)

Why: I don’t need a reason to hang out in a pub and ask all my awesome friends to join me!
It just so happens that I have one, though. I’m turning 32 on the 23rd, which is lovely and discordian.
Come and have a drink and say hi! Then buy me a beer for my birthday.

Who: Everyone. If you’re unsure of your welcome, feel free to ask me.
(Yes, it is totes okay to come if you don’t know me but want to see skzb. I bet he’ll wear the hat.)

eating bacon in a pub

Here is what I look like in a pub, for reference.