Oct 292013

dovington castle model 2013-10-29 13.44.47

I needed to post this somewhere, because eventually I will want to use the casserole dish the model is stored in.

I sort of assumed that signing up for nanowrimo would make me act weird, but I did not anticipate how weird. This did turn out to be a decent way for me to get a map of the city, though. Maybe next time I will do the countries.

Anyway, this model of Dovington Castle is built from kinetic sand, sugru, toothpicks, and bits of cardboard. Then I took a picture with my phone, dropbox magically copied the picture to my laptop, and I used MSpaint to type and draw map bits on it.

Oct 132013

2013-10-13 06.59.16I am on Martha’s Vineyard to hang out with Steve and everyone else for VP. This morning I picked him up from the airport after his CA signings, but yesterday was a full day of lounging about this paradise and entertaining myself. I found some groceries in the morning, and took a beach stroll in the afternoon.

Horseshoe crab shells littered the tideline, and as I passed a huge clump of scrubby roses, I recalled Teresa mentioning the year when there were so many rosehips that she made jelly from them. So I filled the pockets of my windbreaker with rosehips.

Back at the Inn, I googled rosehips and learned that one has to take out the seeds and fuzz, which was only a little bit tedious. I ended up with about a cup of rosehip shards, and sliced up a cup of strawberries. I crushed them, covered them with water, and proceeded to boil the hell out of them with two cups of water, the tiniest bit of vanilla extract, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Result: JAM.

2013-10-12 18.51.20 (539x640)

I use a tiny dab of butter to keep the foam down during the boiling process, which works quite nicely. I assume it has something to do with surface tension.