Jul 052013
I don’t blog often enough and sometimes I miss the old livejournal days when I’d just post a bunch of links from Ian’s emails, so below are some things from today.
  • [Smoke]: I’ll let a different comment in that thread describe this lovely fic: “I recall a BtVS fic wherein Glory’s minions sit around a cafe, wearing berets and smoking Gauloise cigarettes, discussing the fact that god is dead.” (I got to read this out loud today and lo, there was squee.)
  • [On the price of Peach’s castle]: I like that they compared it to WoW property values, a good 25 points worth of geek cred there, but then they referred to her security as “a bunch of plumbers,” and security in the Mushroom Kingdom is the toad guys, duh. There are a couple plumbers who help out (couple as in TWO, not a bunch), but they’re not palace security. So they lost eleventy hundred points on that. (Awfuck, am I nerd-gatekeeping with this remark? I hope not. Fun fact: I think I applied for a job at that website once.)
  • This [article on Cracked about very sexual products marketed to little girls] broke EVERY PART OF MY BRAIN. EVERY PART. I am typing these words with the twitchy bits of autonomic nervous system that still had phantom electrical impulses in them. (I hope autonomic is the word I wanted, but it might not be, and if it isn’t, you can’t blame me because for real how much scientific vocabulary skill do you think you’re going to get from said impulses?!)