Dec 302012

So a few weeks ago, chaos bought me an ice cream maker, and it was supposed to be a Christmas present, but he isn’t skilled enough in the art of concealing-things-from-Jen to be evasive when I ask tricky questions like, “Is that an ice cream maker for me? For Christmas?” So I got it early. Having made ice cream with it twice, I am now obviously an expert, ready to leave the Cuisinart recipe booklet behind and start making shit up! So, before I roast a chicken, curry some veggies, and devil a dozen quail eggs, I am attempting vanilla-orange sorbet.

Why vanilla-orange? Well, I found this recipe for Fresh Orange Sorbet and I have fresh-squeezed oranges but no rinds.* So I glanced around to see what else I might have, and lo and behold, whole vanilla beans!** I sliced two of them lengthwise and dropped them in the simple syrup, which is now simmering on the stove.

The vanilla-sugar smell is amazing, and the vanilla in the syrup is reminding me of how, as a kid, I only liked vanilla ice cream if it had real vanilla bean specks.*** Now I know where those specks came from! I can’t wait to find out how this tastes when I freeze it.

ETA: Curry-deviled quail eggs were a bitch to peel but tasty, the chicken was perfect and has been entirely consumed (gratifyingly). Sorbet has been run through the ice cream maker and is in the freezer. It is SO PRETTY but doesn’t want to freeze. FURTHER-ETA: The sorbet turned out delicious but a little syrupy.

* this is sort of a lie–the oranges I have aren’t nice enough to use the rinds
** from when I was screwing around making klava, which is delicious, but it turns out to be a pain in the ass to clean eggshells, so it didn’t make it into my regular coffee rotation
*** this phrase must be uttered with all the gravity of an eight-year-old who is deeply impressed by something that sounds fancy and mysterious

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