Dec 212012

I spent last weekend in Red Lion, PA, partly because I enjoy spending time with my parents, and partly to display to my extended family that I’m perfectly fine even though the traditional aspects of my life have gone awry this year. Oh, also to celebrate Christmas.

My mom (or Vintage JoAnn if you’ve ever shopped her store or seen her sweet self-designed forearm tattoo) has this style that words fail to describe. I think everyone would enjoy touring her house, and if I had a little discipline and an advance, I’d write a book about her. Since I don’t have the latter to generate the former, I spent the weekend sending cameraphone pictures to the internet.

Twitter and the service I use for pictures are shitty means of archiving, though, so here’s the whole set of them on flickr, with the tweet text and bonus further commentary!

If going through the pictures and reading all the captions is tl;dr, the most important bit is this: “I think we all grow up conforming to/rebelling against some standard of beauty and Vintage JoAnn’s standard is breathtaking in scope. This is why I’m confident & pretty.”

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  1. Nice. Looks like it was fun. Wish I’d been there.

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