Feb 292016

I slipped on ice and broke my ankle on 2/7/16. Had surgery 2/17/16. Today I saw my foot for the first time since then! I also saw today’s x-ray images on a monitor and it looks great.

According to my health app thingy, the surgery was “ORIF of left ankle lateral malleolus fracture” and here’s some other dude’s x-ray I found on google with that search term: it is kinda similar to mine although my screws are smaller and much nicer. Really my whole ankle is nicer than that one but it was the closest I could find. Also I have one more screw at the bottom.

After cutting off the splint but before the stitches came out, I took this picture of the stitches. I did not put it on twitter because I’m so nice but I can’t NOT post it on the internet.

left ankle surgical site with stitches

See how nice it’s healing? And my tattoo looks like it will be okay too.

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