Dec 122012

Comments! Positively-worded links on teh twittars! I feel so successful. *preen*

I figured out how to turn off avatars, which I have done for the following reasons (presented as percentages, but you can feel free to picture a pie chart):

4% — Grim said to do it, and I always follow my cat’s style advice.
17% — I prefer text to pictures for a cleaner look.
79% — Can’t figure out how to use an avatar myself.

Speaking of turn-offs, I believe I have turned off comment moderation. Thank goodness. I <3 comments like anything, which is funny since I go through a tortuous internal logic informed by my social anxiety's dislike of being displayed in public any time I wish to post one somewhere else. (With that in mind, my determination to keep this blog at all is funny, but somehow having the tagline about hating my own opinions on the internet helps with this.) I want to figure out how to post a picture, so I'll end this with a couple pictures of my avatar from Glitch (the casual MMO I loved playing that shut down forever the other day; I've replaced it in my life with volunteer distributed proofreading.) [caption id="attachment_54" align="alignleft" width="172"]My glitch wore this swishy coat often, with many hats. Ramen hat, purple coat, bunny slippers[/caption]

Punk princess is the last outfit I played with.

Tiara, pigtails, bustier, cargo pants

  3 Responses to “Some housekeeping”

  1. It’s looking good! Yay!

  2. Or better yet, make a pie. (Hi, I’m hungry.)

    And I’m glad to see you blogging again.

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