Feb 042015

Have you seen Borgia? I’m not talking about The Borgias, which I have not yet seen; I mean BORGIA: FEAR AND LOATHING. Anyway, you ought to watch all three seasons immediately, if not sooner, and then contemplate the similarity between Cesare and Peter Pan. The need for a woman with beautiful hair to show a charmingly murderous man with mental health issues how to be pure is evidently universal. So without further ado:


He did a great job amassing territory!


But we know his true motivation.


He never truly appreciated the blinding love of a father.


He was not exactly a feminist.


…in spite of how much he cared for Wendy.


…and she for him.


Nevertheless, scholars wrote glowingly about him.


In fact, one could believe that Mr. Barrie not only admired Cesare, but aspired to be like him, should he ever grow up.


And who could forget the triumphant moment when Peter Banning finally recaptures the power of his predatory youth?

Peter Pan 2

All who had ears to hear with fought at Cesare’s side that day, and the birds and gators of Neverland feasted on the flesh of Lost Boys.


I can’t figure out just the right della Rovere quote for this one. Help me out in comments.


Also, thanks to Steve, Toni, and Matt for all the help.

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