Oct 292013

dovington castle model 2013-10-29 13.44.47

I needed to post this somewhere, because eventually I will want to use the casserole dish the model is stored in.

I sort of assumed that signing up for nanowrimo would make me act weird, but I did not anticipate how weird. This did turn out to be a decent way for me to get a map of the city, though. Maybe next time I will do the countries.

Anyway, this model of Dovington Castle is built from kinetic sand, sugru, toothpicks, and bits of cardboard. Then I took a picture with my phone, dropbox magically copied the picture to my laptop, and I used MSpaint to type and draw map bits on it.

  4 Responses to “Dovington Castle: It’s only a model”

  1. This is freaking awesome. Missing you since leaving the Island; in my mind you’re all still there. Which is probably a little weird.

    • I assume there are versions of us that will stay there all winter long, keeping watch over the icy, empty rooms of the workshop. When the trees bud again in the spring, those doppelgangers will walk into the ocean, leaving a safe, fresh island for the next years’ batch of workshoppers.

  2. Scary, very scary

  3. That is a lovely castle! I should try that!! And I’m with you guys – we’re out on the island somewhere….

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