Sep 222013

Yesterday I was on a four-hour road trip taking the scenic route to a party, and the following sprang into my mind. This fannish masterwork is for the multitudes out there who love both Renegade and Ancillary Justice.

She was a ship, and good at annexations.
But she discovered the ultimate sin,
And was uncivilized towards the Lord of the Raadch,
A tyrant who tried to kill her,
But got the officer she loved instead.
A single corpse soldier,
Now she prowls the galaxy,
An ancillary….
*cheesy music swells*

Starring Lucy Lawless as Breq, naturally.

I can’t look away from it. The leather vest with no shirt. Lorenzo Lamas’ perfect hair and glistening biceps. Animal skulls, giant blazing guns, a burning wanted poster, a scantily-clad babe who is framed headless, and no, I wouldn’t mind riding that motorcycle even a little bit.

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  1. I-I-I don’t know what to say. Nope. Still speechless.

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