Sep 212013

This is from back in July, but apparently I posted it on goodreads and forgot to put it up here. I don’t actually trust that site to keep my little reviews stored forever. Anyway.

Republic of Thieves broke my heart a little, in all the best ways. I had all the feels. I shouted obscenities, cackled with glee, and tried to reach into the pages to cuddle the characters through their moments of frailty and strength. I bookmarked a couple of passages for future “fuck-yeah-feminism-in-fantasy” reference. There’s romance and adventure and daring crime, plus surprises and the difficult trick of mixing a satisfying conclusion with leaving us needing the next book.

There’s an A and a B plot, taking the form of the main timeline chapters alternating with ‘interlude’ chapters that follow a section of Locke’s past. Instead of being separate stories that simply tie together at the end of the book, the plot lines complement each other throughout, giving us a complex picture of Locke and Sabetha’s relationship. The A-plot is a cool, darkly detailed intrigue with a multilayered payoff that had my eyes wide and heart racing, but I found myself far more invested in the B plot, which is entertaining and has lots of fun moments for characterization junkies.

As usual, Lynch’s use of language is fucking delightful. Creative threats and cussing are my not-so-secret favorite aspect of his work in this series, but it would be a crime not to also point out how he uses just the right amount of descriptive detail to build a fabulous world. I loved it and look forward to reading it again.

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  1. i’m embarrassed it took me this long to find your Scott Lynch post. I also adore his creative insults and invective. I learned a lot of new ways to tell people to fuck off! And his world building? damn near perfect, in my opinion.

    and the end of Republic? WHAT. oh, oh god.

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