Aug 252013

One of the things that happened to us on the Skagway trip was the pair of really hot border guards at the US-Canada border at Fraser. As part of the ongoing exploration, I present you with the following. (With apologies to Shakespeare.)

Two guardians, both alike in dignity,
Of the border, where we lay our scene,
From ancient fic break to new sexuality,
When a manly kiss makes travelers’ minds unclean.
Within the panting minds of these tourists,
The border-cross’d lovers take off their pants;
The misadventured romantic purists,
Do with these words all their morals supplant.
The fearful passage of their ficus’d love,
And their rock-hard abs being all the rage,
Which, but sweaty sex scenes, nought could remove,
Is now our payment of the devil’s wage,
The which if you with patient ears attend,
What here shall RPS, we cannot mend.

  4 Responses to “Border-Cross’d Lovers (a Brologue)”

  1. So now I live in a world where this happened. Next time you glare at me for minor, subtle, tasteful play on words, just remember: Brologue.

  2. Eeek. My brain, my poor brain. I will never be able to unread this.

  3. Your houses!



  4. These comments are going to keep me warm though the long winter months.

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