Mar 222013

In Boston after numerous train ADVENTURES. First I wandered the horrific maze that is NY Penn Station — you’re never quite sure if the people lying down are homeless/sleeping or the ones who gave up on finding their platform and just lay down to die. Then I had the wrong time in my head, so I went up to the Amtrak counter to pick up my ticket for the 12:35 train. The agent handed me *a* ticket for the 12:35 train instead of informing me that my reservation was for the 2:00 train. None of the people who looked at my ticket noticed that it was in fact the ticket of one Keith Mitchell (and hey, Keith, I’m sorry about whatever inconvenience you went through; it wasn’t my fault). So I rode the wrong train with some other dude’s ticket. Ooops. I still got here and the Boston ticket agent I talked to straightened out my reservation. Yay!

Anyway, now I’m here, gonna go get coffee with A shortly.

Having all sorts of uncomfortable thoughts about how I need to change what I’m doing overall in life. I need to be working and it is increasingly clear that NYC has no work for me. I like it there and don’t want to move. But I also want to move. Being alive is hard.

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  1. Ahhh…adventure.

    You know, by the way, what Life Choice I’d prefer you make. I think you also know that I’ll be behind whatever you decide to do.

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