Mar 122013

Yesterday Steve and I finally got to the Como Conservatory, and there’s a batch of pictures up on flickr. (This might be better titled the palmening, as I think only one of the pictures is a fern, but fuck it, fernining sounds cooler.)

2013-03-11 13.53.332013-03-11 14.13.262013-03-11 13.47.59

One of the things that struck me was how fascinating all the plant structures were. Ferns, rhizomes, bromeliads, spice trees — everything was “cool,” but I kept squee-ing about how alien, bizarre, creepy, or fucked-up various bits looked to me. It made me think fondly of good science-fiction, and I’d like to address this remark to that genre as though it were a single entity with consciousness: USE PLANTS MORE. I want more triffids, more Dog King. Give me fucked-up plants! Give me really good reasons to stare at leaves when I walk through the woods, hoping to catch them twitch.

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  1. Just saw this and agree. There’s a cool little pond we kayak on that is pretty unremarkable except that it contains one of the largest remaining natural floating bogs in the area. This means we can kayak through the bogs waterways and see all sorts of great carnivorous plants like pitchers and sundews and the like as well as active beavers. It also attracts many other critters. Mostly though, I sit in the sun and watch the pitcher plants and sundews and imagine they’re entire other worlds…which I guess they are.

    We saw otter waddling down to the river here in Florida the other day. We’d already been out kayaking so they did not lure us to our doom as they are known for.

  2. Oh wow, that sounds fantastic!

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