Jan 112013

So I’ve been editing a little over at wikipedia (what, why else would I be stumbling across Jenny von Westphalen’s page?) and editors there get a userpage. One of the things people do is make and share userboxes. Here is a person I don’t know, who has a bunch of them (scroll down a little).

There are a bunch of fan-type userboxes (for instance) but there was something missing. So I started making Dragaeran cycle userboxes. Yes, I just spent the last several hours searching for heraldic animal pictures and making little colored boxes for wikipedia users instead of sleeping.

Because I am a fangirl.

Obviously I haven’t done all 17 yet (well, 18, since I did phoenixes at both ends, and maybe 19 since it might be nice to add one for Easterners, and if I do maybe I’ll use a little mustache picture). I wanted to use the little glyphs for the pictures, but they’re not on wikimedia commons so I contented myself with heraldry.


ETA: And I’m done! 🙂 All the houses, and yes, one for Easterners, with a handlebar.

  3 Responses to “fangirly wikipedia userboxes”

  1. Less than three.

  2. Don’t forget the dwarves!

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